Care and Maintenance!

I found this blog about oboe Care and Maintenance while searching the web for help oiling my oboe’s bore last summer. I hadn’t done so for over a year, and it’s one of those things that you just don’t want to mess up, you have to find the goldilocks point for your oboe – not too much and not too little oil.

The most unusual (and helpful!) tip that I found here was “protect all of the pads underneath the key work […] by using some kitchen tin foil and slipping it under any and all keywork that might be in the way of the oil”

I’ve not seen that method of protecting pads from oil suggested anywhere else, and it was AMAZING! The only difficult part was trying to keep the foil over the pads as you pick up the instrument. I put it under the pads which normally rest closed (a and c resonance keys, trill keys, c, c# pads, etc.). As long as I didn’t push down the keys to open the a and c resonance keys it worked like a charm!


I'm an oboist. I love music, playing the oboe, wine and reading.

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